Dahlia Tubers will Ship Early May! Order before we SELL OUT!
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      Order Flowers for June 4

      Order Flowers for June 4


      For June 4 Delivery!

      Your bouquet this week will include our Sunflowers, Ammi, Sweet William, Eucalyptus, Snapdragons, Scabiosa and other fun flowers grown by us on our farm! FUN!


      - We Update our Inventory on each week, usually on Fridays (Set a reminder)

      - Some weeks we may only have one option, some weeks we may have a variety of options. 

      - We accept orders until Monday at Midnight unless they sell out before

      ** - If you are sending as a gift, make sure to add a note to the order! Your recipient will not know who the flowers came from unless you add a note! 

      - Orders will ship the Following Wednesday or Thursday for Overnight Delivery Arriving on Thursday or Friday (depending on which day it shipped)

      - Smile after placing your order, and know that you are directly supporting our small farm and employees. We work hard to grow something special for you.